An innovative way of understanding learning processes: eye tracking

Dogusoy, B., & Cagiltay, K. (2009). An Innovative Way of Understanding Learning Processes: Eye Tracking. International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (Vol.5613, pp.94-100). Springer-Verlag.


This paper aims to present findings on the use of as a new approach from an educational perspective. The studies in this paper on relationship between learning and eye-movements have focused on concept-map formation, learning from multimedia materials, designing materials with different cognitive strategies, multimodal comprehension of language and graphics with and without annotation, computer games and cognitive style effects of computer based interfaces and hypertext environment. The results of the Middle East Technical University (METU) Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research group‘s eye-tracking based research studies presented and discussed how this approach helps educators to better understand learning processes of humans. Understanding and using this innovative approach is important for both educators and researchers in terms of comprehending learning processes deeply.