Instructional design for learning path identification in an e-learning environment using Felder-Silverman learning styles model

Joseph, L., & Abraham, S. (2017). for identification in an environment using learning styles model. International Conference on Networks & Advances in Computational Technologies (pp.215-220).


Developing instructional design for e-content and checking its effectiveness among a group of learners is very significant in e-learning. In the current educational system, teachers are giving instructions or delivering learning contents to learners, without understanding the such as , motivation, attitude, aptitude etc. In an e-learning environment, providing pre-defined learning content to all learners, without understanding their profile parameters, affect their learning process. This paper proposes a system for providing personalized e-content for learners (PEL) based on . As a case study E-content is developed for students of graduate course in Computer Applications in the subject Computer Graphics. Effectiveness of the e-content is checked by identifying the learning path among a group of visual learners.