The effect of “here and now” learning on student engagement and academic achievement


Commitment, persistence and effort have long been considered critical components for an individual’s academic success. Yet, according to the old proverb, two heads are better than one and may yield greater benefits than what might be achieved by an individual. Because of this, collaborative learning has been labelled a “social imperative” (DuFour & Marzano, 2016) that has a positive impact on individual learning behaviours, academic outcomes and the overall level of group knowledge. As such, the need for collaborative learning has become an increasingly important factor in instructional design. This is especially so in the modern technologically advanced world, where learning is no longer constrained by time or place. Instead porous boundaries that allow round‐the‐clock, (Martin & Ertzberger, 2013) are shifting the locus of control from instructor to student and creating a new breed of active learners. The current study involves a , between‐subjects design, where the effects of “here and now” learning on and are examined. The study develops and tests a low‐investment blended learning approach, using Facebook as the asynchronous engagement platform to facilitate collaboration outside the classroom. Findings from the study show “here and now” learning has a positive influence on student learning behaviours, student engagement and academic outcomes.