A Case Study of the Implementation of Social Models of Teaching in e-Learning: “The Social Networks in Education”, Online Course of the Inter-Orthodox Centre of the Church of Greece


The development of has caused a growing interest in learning models that may have the best results. We believe that it is good practice to implement in the field of . In this case, the implementation of complex instruction in online training courses for teachers, on “” from the Inter-Orthodox Center of the Church of Greece is examined. To study the effectiveness of this model we gathered qualitative and from learner participation in and , and in additional social networks in which they chose to practice. Important data also was collected from the evaluation made by the learners themselves.

Komninou, I. (2017). A case study of the implementation of social models of teaching in e-learning: “the social networks in education”, online course of the inter-orthodox centre of the church of greece. Techtrends(2), 1-6.